B2C Financing: Encouraging Sales And a Healthy Cash Flow

One of the reasons your business may be experiencing a kink in its cash flow is because your customers are experiencing the same kink in their cash flow. Rather than scale back on business expansion and any other plans you might have for your company, consider business-to-customer financing as a way to help both your customers and your business.

How It Works

The way B2C financing works is you’re essentially extending a line of credit to your customers in order that they can pay for your products or services in installments rather than a lump sum. Customers will have to fill out an application, and the financing company will perform a credit check to see how much of a risk, if any, the customer is. The process is quick and easy, allowing the customer to obtain what she or he needs without delay.

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

When customers know they can easily afford your wares, they’re more likely to keep shopping with you rather than take their business elsewhere. Besides informing your customers that you offer B2C financing, you can also offer specials, such as zero financing for the first five months. Not only to do you want to make it easy for customers to sign up for financing, you want to give them a great incentive for doing so.

No More Waiting on Payments

Even if a customer pays in full, you may have to wait as many as 120 days before you see payment, and possibly even longer if a collection service has to step in for a delinquent account. Your cash flow can take a serious hit in that stretch of time, leaving you scrambling for a way to take care of business expenses until you receive your funds. With B2C financing, your cash flow remains steady, and your customers are able to improve their credit scores as long as they make financing payments on time.

Financing for Every Industry

No matter which industry your business inhabits, chances are good that financing will be of great use to you and your target audience. Manufacturing, healthcare, IT, construction and retail are just a few of the industries currently offering B2C financing. Small business owners find the option to be especially useful, mainly because it can put them on equal footing with larger businesses.

Boost your cash flow and customer satisfaction by offering financing. Why wait for a lump sum of business growth when it’s available in small monthly increments?

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