Extend Financing Opportunities to Your Consumers

The consumer finance program available through Athena Capital Group allows companies like yours to offer a higher degree of customer service and puts more purchasing power in the hands of the people you serve. Financing gives customers the option of buying higher ticket items and more items or services at once. This can considerably improve your bottom line and provides sales team members with additional resources to offer customers. Setting up a customer credit program is simple thanks to the many tools we can offer.

  • The ability to finance your customers down to a 580 Fico score
  • We can finance your turndowns from your current credit provider
  • Provide creative programs such as 6 months same as cash
  • Instant credit processing and approval
  • E- Signature capabilities
  • Work in almost any industry
  • We can collect bad debt portfolios
  • Flexibility on interest rate to your consumer
  • Tiered pricing for your consumer

Why Offer Customer Financing?

There are many reasons why businesses large and small are offering financing to their customers. For instance:

  • Many shoppers are reluctant to make large purchases all at once, but are more willing to make several smaller payments.
  • Financing provides customers with the opportunity to acquire the products or services they require.
  • Your company is assured of a regular stream of income as the terms of financing are completed.
  • Your inventory can expand to include more expensive items as financing is implemented.

How We Can Help

The associates at Athena Capital Group have developed a consumer finance program that is simple to implement and use. We let you offer special deals, such as six months same as cash, and give you the flexibility of accepting applicants with credit scores as low as 580. Contact us today to discover the many advantages of this important program.