Finance Your Next Real Estate Venture With a Stated Income Loan

Traditional, bank-backed commercial loans can be difficult to qualify for, especially if your credit history is less than stable. Luckily for you, a stated income commercial real estate loan can provide you with the funds you need to acquire your next commercial property. Unlike a traditional commercial loan, which places a high amount of emphasis on your credit history, a stated income loan is more concerned about a property’s ability to generate income. If your property meets this standard, you will more than likely be a good candidate for a stated income commercial real estate loan from Athena Capital Group.

  • Owner and Non-Owner Occupied Properties
  • Loan Sizes from $100,000 to $5 Million
  • Up to 70% LTV – Up to 80% with seller held second
  • Cross collateralization allowed for higher LTV
  • 600 credit score to qualify, programs for sub 600 scores available
  • No up-front fees
  • 3, 8, 25 year fixed rates begins at 7.5%
  • Purchase, refinance, and cash-out refinance (limits on cash-out)
  • Interest only programs available
  • Closing in 2-4 weeks

Bank Loans vs. Stated Income Loans

If you want to get a commercial loan from the bank, you will have to meet their stringent income and credit standards, so you may or may not qualify for a loan. With a stated income real estate loan, your property will be evaluated in terms of profitability. If your property can generate enough income to cover the taxes, mortgage, and insurance, there is a strong possibility that you will be approved. Since this is the only criteria for a loan, the approval process is fairly brief and there is no need for an excessive amount of financial documents.

Use Your Loan at Your Own Discretion

Flexibility is one of the most appealing benefits of our stated income loans. Many borrowers choose to use their loans for the following purposes.

  • Property Improvements
  • Refinancing
  • Working Capital
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Purchase of a Property

We offer loans of up to $500,000, and most loans can be closed in two to three weeks. Virtually all types of commercial properties will qualify for a loan.

Attractive and Flexible Terms

Athena Capital Group understands the rigidity and restrictions imposed on borrowers by banks. That is why we will always attempt to find you a loan that meets your individual needs. To learn more about our flexible stated income loans and their attractive terms, contact one of our professionals today.